We are a team of like-minded techies with strong knowledge in machine learning, predictive analytics and data sciences. We collaborate with experts from all domains and ensure that our products rightly fit into the respective line of business. As per our client's requirements, we customize our products for the ease of usage. We constantly work towards finding solutions to common business challenges in cost effective ways and accordingly enhance our product usage experience and versatility. 

What we do

We develop SaaS based products to support businesses with advanced data handling and making well informed decisions. Some of our product highlights are:

  • PoS-independent customer data capture
  • Digital enriched receipts of purchase, accessible through any media (phone/mail/SMS)
  • Marketing campaigns and product promotions via email and SMS
  • Advanced analytics around Revenue, Product and Customer

Our Differentiators

  • Our products provide End-to-end B2B solution from data capture to advanced reporting  
  • Compatible with any technology and PoS systems available in market
  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Simplicity of usage and customization
  • Social media listening and actionable insights
  • Our products are cost effective as our pricing is based on pay-per-use model


At PY Technologies, we believe that our customers are our biggest assets. Our existence is because of our satisfied and delighted customers. We strive to have our customer service not just best but legendary.