We believe that the true measure of a successful product is to enable clients to achieve meaningful impact on their key business outcomes. Today, the increasing dominance of technologies such as social, mobility, cloud and data analytics has transformed the way to conduct business. PY Technologies develops such innovative software products and offers them on premise or as cloud-hosted business platforms to help businesses develop deeper connections with customers and accelerate growth through digitization. We power our clients’ growth in rapidly evolving areas like data driven decision making, Strategizing important decisions based on predictive analytics, taking needful actions based on social data. Our range of products extend to all domains and industries due to their simplicity of design and they can be easily customized to fit the need of any business. 

PY Technologies Product Family

PY Core (Engauge Core)

Today, one of the challenges for any business is to know their potential/target customers and how they will respond to any marketing campaign. This product helps the businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts  

  • Seemless, PoS independent and secure sales transaction Data Capture
  • Powerful and intelligent parsers (if needed)
  • Post-sale connect with customers by automatic SMS and emails for any events or updates
  • Environment friendly e-receipts with business brand and promotional messages as watermark on e-receipts
  • Digital receipts independent of PoS system



PY Campaign and PY Prime (Engauge Prime)

PY Prime is our front end application through which our customers get access to our dashboard solution. Our reports are comprehensive and give complete view of sales, competitive analysis, meaningful transactions summary report, product and consumer trends, Geo Analytics and many more. Customizations to PY Prime are simple and on need basis custom reports can be generated.

  • Custom rules can be created for automated SMS based campaigns for targetted customers

  • Personalized campaigns and Product promotions

  • Customizable digital coupons

  • Analyse customer data and suggests Action Point
  • Live view of key KPIs related to customer, products and revenue
  • Customer/ Product trends depiction
PY Social (Engauge Social)

Social listening allows business marketing teams to prioritize and evaluate feedback from the public. This feedback can be used to create more appealing offerings, both in the form of product and services as well as content and advertisements. PY Tech social generates reports depicting marketing trends 

  • Brand popularity
  • General product or service opinion
  • Engagement rate
  • Brand awareness
  • Setting of marketing goals
  • Taking appropriate improvisation steps based on public opinion